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Tips to reduce your car repair and service bills

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Having a car can be an expensive venture. Not only do you have to plan for the car purchase and the rising prices of fuel but you will also have to plan for repair and service bills all through the functional period of the vehicle. While a regular car service schedule is vital, it is possible to minimize the trips to the mechanic for repair or servicing with some basic preventive measures that are mentioned below:

Purchase fuel at reputable service stations

A lot of car owners have experienced a drop in their vehicle’s performance after purchasing fuel car repair and service billsat particular service stations. This is probably because the garage has neglected the necessary changing of filters on each of their pumps. This enables particles of debris to be mixed with the fuel which makes its way into your engine. While your vehicle service may include changing your fuel filter, you will have already done some damage to your car’s engine. It is very beneficial to find a reputable garage which has a strict policy concerning their pump filters.

Discard your old keys

A lot of individuals develop a large collection of keys on their key chain. Though this is a harmless habit, it can represent a lot of strain on your ignition. While you are on the road, you could be allowing substantial weight to pull and bounce on the ignition. This will cause damage to the ignition tumblers and could result in a switch failure. Ensure that you minimize the weight of your keychain by discarding old keys.

Protect your car from sun damage

You should park your vehicle in shady areas when possible if you want to protect it from sun damage. This will protect your paint finish and your interior from sun bleaching. In addition, you should utilize a rubber protectant on all door and window weather stripping. This will help in maintaining the rubber supple and prevent cracking. Try not to use oil based products because oil can compromise the rubber. If you have some damaged weather stripping, ensure that you replace them to prevent further damage.

Seal any leaks

female technician Leaks signify a potential fault in your vehicle. The most popular leaks include radiator fluid. It is possible to minimize the need to replace a faulty radiator by sealing the leak. There are various radiator seal products found in the market which can circulate the radiator and plug any open holes.